Spend from Existing 2/3-Multisig ETH Smart Contract

This page spends from an existing 2/3-multisig Ethereum smart contract using 2 hardware wallets.


  1. Assemble with your co-signer. You will need one co-signer in addition to yourself. Both of you will need the hardware wallets and BIP32 paths you used when you created the address you are now spending from. You do not all need to be co-located.
  2. Import the source smart contract by entering its address. The contract will be checked to make sure it was created by this application and is of a recent-enough version.
  3. Enter the destination address and amount. Each signature contains these parameters so changing any one of them will invalidate any signatures you've already collected.
  4. Collect signatures for both signers. Both signers will need to sign the transaction from the same hardware wallets and using the same BIP32 paths they used when creating the source address. A remote signer can independently use this application, input identical transaction details, and transmit their signature to a local signer. (Signature are public data, but signers may still wish to use secure/private channels.)
  5. Broadcast the doubly-signed transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. Once both signers' signatures are entered into the form below, use this application to broadcast the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain.
Import Source Contract
An address previously created by this application.

Ethereum API
Balance: 0 ETH
This account has no rights on the vault, it is only used to pay for gas.

Approximate Gas Costs:

  • Contract Creation: 1170000
  • Deposit ETH: 22512
  • Withdraw ETH: 95000

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