Publish New 2/3-Multisig ETH Smart Contract

This page publishes a new 2/3-multisig Ethereum smart contract using 3 hardware wallets.


  1. Assemble your signing quorum. You will need two co-signers in addition to yourself, each with their own hardware wallet (a total of three separate hardware wallets). You do not all need to be co-located.
  2. Export an address for each signer. Each signer will need to export an address from their hardware wallet using this application. Remote signers can independently use this application to export their address and then transmit it to a chosen coordinator. (Addresses are public data, but signers may still wish to use secure/private channels.) Each signer's address will correspond to some BIP32 path in their hardware wallet. Make sure each signer records the BIP32 path they used when creating this address. These BIP32 paths will be required to spend from the address later on.
  3. Publish a new smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain. Once all signers' addresses are entered into the form below, use this application to publish a new 2/3-multisig smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain.
  4. Fund your new multisig smart contract! The Ethereum address you receive after publishing will be the address of your new 2/3-multisig smart contract. You can send ETH to this address from any Ethereum wallet or exchange just like any other address. To spend it again, you'll need 2/3 of the signers' hardware wallets & BIP32 paths you used when creating it.
Publish Contract Signers: 0/3

Once you have addresses from all three signers you can publish your smart contract.

Signer 1
Signer 2
Signer 3
Ethereum API
Balance: 0 ETH
This account has no rights on the vault, it is only used to pay for gas.

Approximate Gas Costs:

  • Contract Creation: 1170000
  • Deposit ETH: 22512
  • Withdraw ETH: 95000

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